Three tips for cleaning luxury vinyl flooring

Three tips for cleaning luxury vinyl flooring

It doesn’t take much to keep your luxury vinyl plank or tile-sized pieces, two forms of luxury vinyl, in top shape. That's one of the many benefits of this material.

Please continue reading to learn how to care for them.

Sweep regularly to avoid scratching and pitting

Do it daily if possible. Get into corners, under cabinets and appliances–anywhere that dirt accumulates.
Dirt and sand are sharp and can scratch your floors, but you also want to avoid pitting. Pitting is when the dirt embeds.

Pitting is especially common when there's an uneven surface. Vinyl plank (LVP) has textures like square, tile-sized pieces. Dirt can collect in those little grooves.

Mop periodically with a manufacturer-approved cleaner

The mop should be damp, not wet. You might also want to avoid sponges since they push the dirt around.

The cleaner must be manufacturer-approved so it isn't too acidic to harm the floor. But, again, you can seek the advice of a flooring expert–or it may be in your warranty instructions.

Avoid waxy, shine-promoting cleaners. They can damage the finish on your luxury vinyl tile or plank.

Removing stubborn stains

Most will come off with a baking soda/water paste or a little rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Scuff marks come off with a bit of WD-40. You should always check manufacturer instructions before using anything, however.

If the floor pits drip some manufacturer-approved cleaner onto the area. Let it sit for three to four minutes, then wipe. Repeat if necessary and wipe with a soft-bristled brush.

Follow these simple guidelines, and your tile pieces (LVT) and vinyl plank will always look great.

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