Does size matter with luxury vinyl floors?

Does size matter with luxury vinyl floors?

Size is a factor if you want to get the most from your flooring, especially luxury vinyl tile and plank options. Different sizes can create other visuals and make rooms appear smaller or larger, depending on your product choices, so read along now to learn more about these materials and how they can serve you.

Consider your flooring size in LVT and LVP

If you have a large or wide-open room, wide-plank formats from six to eight inches might serve you best. The wide-format is perfect in this area since a smaller width would create a busy appearance that isn’t often desired.

Large-format tiles can create different appearance options, perfect for specific designs. For example, your room will look wider when used in a horizontal layout, while vertical usage can make walls appear taller and more exaggerated.

There are lots of other considerations for the perfect flooring size, and we’ll give you all the details when you visit us at your convenience. We look forward to helping you find floors that give you the results you’ve always wanted or needed, so be sure to visit our showroom today for more facts.

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